Faith, Love and Family are three words that frequently seem to flow into one another.
They are also words that have been a part of my life from the moment I could understand them. Until this day they remain very central to my life’s purpose and fruit.

These words are also central to the body of Christ and can be summed up into the word; UNITY. Every society or organization strives to ensure that there is unity in all that they do as this is critical to achieving any and every goal. The church worldwide and indeed in Nigeria has oftentimes been accused of lacking unity amongst her members. The argument about the supposed ‘disunity’ of the church is often bolstered by the fact that there are over 80 million people who identify themselves as Christians in Nigeria.  This massive number of Christians belong to thousands of different churches and over a hundred thriving denominations.

There is a belief that the drive of the church to evangelize people into their various places of worship brings disunity within the body of the church in Nigeria as it would seem that the churches are in rivalry with each other.

(l-r: Archbishop Winning Willie Bunting, Bishop Fumbi Addo, Dr. Gary Whetstone, Rev. Laurie Idahosa, Bishop Makanto, Bishop Makanto, Bishop Tina Bawa, Bishop Michael Amamieye)

This is not so.

If anything, the seemingly different drives of the various denominations have one common goal; to reconcile a lost world to the Saviour, Jesus Christ. As members of the body of Christ, this has been and will always be our supreme task.
(Rev and Rev. Mrs. Akossa; Cameroun)

Every major interaction we have should be for the purpose of sharing our faith in God and His overwhelming love. We should live with the aim of bringing more souls into the family of God. This is what Archbishop Benson Idahosa believed and modeled during his life of nearly 60 years, This is also a goal he shares through the lives of all those who walked with him and who learned from his example.

(l-r: My husband; Bishop Feb Idahosa, Apostle Zilly Aggrey-Port Harcourt- and my dad Dr. Gary Whetstone) 

During this past Idahosa Legacy Week, held in Benin City, Nigeria and over the last 20 years since his passing, the commitment of the church in Nigeria towards the Legacy of Late Archbishop Benson Idahosa and the living Legacy of Mama Idahosa as well as my husband and I has been unparalleled.

(l-r: Bishop Feb Idahosa, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, My mother-in-love Archbishop Margaret Idahosa, Pastor Mrs. Foluke Adebayo and I)

I don't know of one major ministry in Nigeria that is not rooting for our success. They are all standing by with open arms and open hearts, ready to do whatever it takes to see the continuation of the vision of the our founder through CGMI, Benson Idahosa University, Word of Faith Group of Schools, Faith Mediplex Hospitals, the All Nations for Christ Bible Institute and other parastatals. 
(Idahosa and Whetstone Family)

The unity we see in the Nigerian church community is a remarkable sight to behold. There are no factions in the upper echelons of leadership. The heads of ministry function with love and support of one another; this is BEAUTIFUL in our sight and in the sight of God. 
(Bishop David Oyedepo)

Based on the passion and unity that we have been witnesses of, the future of the church in Nigeria is certain. 
(Pastor Leke Adeboye and Bishop Feb Idahosa)

We will continue to win souls for the Kingdom. In the unity of faith and with the love of God and strength of family, we will bring healing to a hurting and broken world. We will set the example in media, government, entertainment, family, education, economy and faith for this nation and the world, in Jesus Name. We will all do this together as one; the way God created it to be.

N.B: I've got some more pictures from the Legacy Week Celebration right here:

(Dr. Gary Whetstone, Pastor Oral Onigbo and I)

 (Rev. Wale Oke and I)