Are you ready to take August by storm and get the results you've been hoping for? Half of the year is over and now is the time to buckle up and infuse some momentum into your plans. If you are a part of a team that's ready to put drama aside to focus, collaborate and smash some goals, here are some simple teamwork tips that might help you:

1. Communicate vision, purpose and plans with detailed accuracy and precision. Draw pictures, use graphics, engage multimedia; do more than just quote your vision, illustrate it. Don't assume that anyone on the team knows why you are doing what you are doing. Truth is, we often work with people who have no real idea of where we are going or why we are going there. 
2. Think through ways that you can foster a happy and peaceful environment where appropriate relationships can thrive among team members. You need to determine to like one another, avoid gossip and unhealthy conversations. Happy teams are more effective. Get rid of jealousy, unhealthy comparisons and unfair assumptions of one another. Find your place of agreement where there's mutual peace, and fight to keep it.
3. Talk to one another about inadequacies and strengths openly and without judgement. Identify skills, areas of efficiency and deficiencies. Effective teams do more than talk through strategies. They place each other in positions of strength and where each person can add the most value.

4. You can't hold your team responsible to maintain standards or get results in areas that they are not trained in. Identify training and information gaps and fill them.
5. Look for ways to connect with your team members on a personal level. Yes, you have a job to get done, but, your team will be more loyal to the set goals when they know that there is genuine care and love for them and individuals. Nobody wants to be seen as a robotic part of a machine. Learn their spouses and children's names, find out their hobbies and recreational interests. Occasionally ask about these things and make reference to them. 
6. Be determined to enjoy the journey together and find ways to make work fun and pleasant. This might mean that you take a meeting to a park or treat your team to an occasional coffee. 
7. Chart your progress with graphics so that the entire team knows exactly where you are in the pathway to your dream.
8. Create a reward system for results. Healthy competition can help to add massive momentum to your dream. 


A big reason why we don't succeed in a team project is because we simply don't communicate our expectations and ensure that we all have the required knowledge and skill to execute the plan. We find ourselves frustrated with one or more team members, but, if we are honest with ourselves, our frustration is misguided because we are frustrated over areas we never sought to understand about one another. Or it could be because we did not train or develop ourselves in areas that need fine-tuning. 

If you don't like the soup, check the ingredients. Think of where you are lagging behind and TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN! Training can be done in informal ways, through messages and meetings, by hosting a class or a seminar, by enrolling in online courses or by going back to school for professional development and certification. Whatever you need to do, do it. 

Don't keep discarding teams because they aren't producing. Try a different and effective approach. Communicate your expectations with your team. Have them tell you what they will need in order to help accomplish the goals , then train them. Your results will speak for themselves!