Do casual moments truly exist in life? Is there ever a point at which we can say that a situation is hopeless?
I see a similarity between my recent encounter with a homeless young man who I ran into this week in Brussels, and what happened between Jesus and the Samaritan woman in the Bible. Tired after a journey, Jesus sat by a well in a town called Sychar in Samaria when the probably unpredictable interaction happened between Him and the Samaritan woman as detailed in John 4:4-42. Mine was similar.

This week, after speaking in one of the four Sunday services at New Jerusalem, here in Brussels, I decided to venture out of my hotel and find a laundromat, to do some laundry. On this trip, I am away from home for over one month. So, laundry is unavoidable. And, if you are wondering... the answer is YES, I AM METICULOUS ABOUT HOW I SPEND MONEY. I can't justify paying exorbitant prices to have my laundry done professionally when I travel. As much as possible, I do it myself.

I have come to realize that opportunities are not sensitive to our moods - the opportunity to do something remarkable, to be a blessing to someone, and the opportunity for you to receive help can sneak in at a moment that you least expect. An opportunity that holds some potential to transform your life can come to you at a most ordinary moment of your day. So long as you are busy living and not being self-centered, those things you are doing, no matter how mundane they seem, they can lead you to your purpose. You never can tell.

As I was walking in the direction of where I was told that I would find a laundromat, I realized that I may have walked too far. I stopped several people for directions, but it seemed that there was no one on the street who spoke English to help me. Finally, I asked a young man and he offered to walk with me and show me the place, which happened to be several blocks in the direction l was coming from. I was so grateful for his help.

As we walked, he started to tell me his life story, which I found to be extremely interesting and engaging. It was just another ordinary day in his life and he was simply taking a mundane stroll down the street with no where to go, before he met me.

It turned out, he was just 19 years old (although he looked 30). He had to flee Morocco 5 years ago due to some family trouble with the police. He has been in Belgium for 5 years and has been homeless, sleeping on the streets and in bus stations. I wouldn't have guessed any of that from my first impression of him.

We went into the laundromat, which was several blocks backwards from where I met him. He offered to help me change money to tokens, load my laundry, buy soap, etc. He also offered to stay with me while the clothes were washing. I was so intrigued by his story that I agreed.

As we sat on the chairs in the laundromat, I paid attention to him more closely, I could sense the distinct odor of homelessness, I could see the dark circles under his eyes from lack of sleep. I saw the missing tooth, from an apparent brawl with fellow homeless people. I saw old and new scrapes, scars and scratches on his hands and arms. He shared with me how he had not slept in three days and how he was hungry. His case was genuine and his pains were evident.

I could have become scared and started to look for how to escape him, but instead, I chose to respond like Jesus would. I had to trust in the power of the angelic realm to protect me and rely on my human spirit to direct my next words and actions.

I then asked him about his religion. He was quick to tell me that he is a Muslim, but, not a very good one. He said that Allah is angry with him because he doesn't pray or go to mosque.

At that moment, the light bulb turned on in my heart and I started to get an adrenaline rush to tell him about Jesus and that the God I serve is a loving Father who is not angry with him. He was listening to me so intensely as I began to unfold the plan of salvation to him. You could see that he was hungry for answers and desperate for hope in his life.

He told me that he believes that Jesus is the son of God, that he died and rose for him, but that he has never been around Christians. He has never even read or opened a Bible.

As we talked, I asked him if he would like to pray and be born again. He emphatically said "Yes, but, I don't know your prayers". I then, assured him that our prayers are heartfelt communication with our heavenly Father. I shared how we can pray new prayers every day, not memorizing or repeating anything.

He then humbly prayed the believer’s prayer with me and gave his life to Christ.

The moment he prayed, his entire countenance brightened. Tears filled his eyes. I knew at that moment that he has been changed. He is no longer a child of darkness, he is a child of God!

My heart leaped inside my chest, as I am sure his did, too! We took a bit more time and I shared with him about how to grow in his faith and what to read when he gets a hold of a Bible. If I had one with me, I would have given him mine. I however gave him some money.

I just shared with you an experience I had this week which seemed like the experience of Jesus with the Samaritan woman, a beautiful miraculous experience. I am very excited about this. I hope you are too. Kindly share your similar experience in the comment section. And remember, turning your mundane activities into purposeful ones has everything to do with your willingness to have a new experience and to see things from God’s perspective and not your own.