Have you ever had a night that you never wanted to end? This past week, I had several of such experiences I did not want to come to an end. Thursday night was certainly one! It started with going to the Emerge Conference at House on The Rock, then being honored to sit at the dining table for a private dinner with TD Jakes, Pastor Paul Adefarasin, Donnie McClurkin, Bishop Tudor Bismark and others. 

We finished the dinner around midnight, then  I was off to a beautiful night of worship and fellowship with my friend TY Bello.  She invited me to her studio for an all night worship experience. I thought that getting there so late was going to ruin it, but it was quite the opposite. It felt like heaven! Music Producer, Wilson Joel played the grand piano while TY and I sung out hearts out to God in prayer and worship. Before we even knew it, 5 hours had passed and approximately 60 new songs had been sung to the Lord! She's a smart lady in that she knows to record great moves of God! She had her film and audio recording crew present for our worship time, knowing that God could do absolutely anything once we abandon our hearts to Him. Truly, I will never forget Thursday!

Our short, family trip to Lagos was filled with divine appointments. 

On Friday afternoon, operating on just a few short hours of sleep, I was given the opportunity to impact the lives of a group of enterprising students at the GYMT Fashion Academy. I must tell you it was an absolutely amazing time watching the craft and creativity of these students unfold before my eyes.
I spoke to the students about "How to Have A Successful Family Life And Still Be a Cutting Edge Entrepreneur." 

Afterwards, I visited a business of one of my Church Unusual members who had relocated to Lagos, Samson Aligba. 

Then, I spent some quality time with my children before joining my host, Princess K. Oghene for a late dinner at her home in the evening. 

While enjoying the sights and sounds of Lagos on our way back to the hotel where I lodged, we stopped over at a lounge in Victoria Island.
The DJ must have been very good because I soon found that I was the only person seated in the room. I don’t go to clubs because my presence there could be misunderstood and also because the loud music will give my husband a headache within minutes. Consequently, I have not had a night out in 25 years so I did not know the lyrics to any of the songs that were played, I mean not even one! Furthermore I could see that my dance moves are outdated as the last time I went out was in high school. My host realized my discomfort and we left the lounge shortly after. It was an amusing experience and my host vowed that we would never go back there because according to her, "I don’t belong there.” But maybe I actually do.

My time out with my friend Princess in Lagos reminded me that as Christians, we cannot ignore the fact that the world around us is drowning in darkness. While driving back to my hotel I could not help but wonder how I can shine the light of Salvation to people who seek an escape from the struggles of life by playing in darkness.

Jesus in all His time on earth was a friend to sinners. A prostitute famously washed His feet with her hair (Luke 7:37-38). By choosing to spend time with sinners, Jesus made a number of high profile ‘holy’ enemies who called him everything from a cohort of sinners to a demon possessed healer.
This must have been quite tough to hear and it is quite possible that His family was hurt by what they heard; yet Jesus never stopped once because of what people said. Instead He took every interaction, every meeting to tell His audience about the love of the Father.

Salvation compels us to take every opportunity to tell people about God. We should not hesitate; we must go boldly wherever there is an opportunity to share the Good News and win souls to our Father, whether it is at school, while waiting in line at the supermarket or while making an unscheduled stop at a club.

I had two very different nights (back to back) that went into the wee hours of the morning. Both taught me different lessons and made me grateful for the opportunities afforded to me in this life. I'm grateful that I have friends that I can worship with, pray with, learn with and play with.  I hope for more unforgettable weekends like the one I've just had, hopefully next time with a little bit more sleep.