October 5 is a day set aside by the United Nations to appreciate teachers all across the world for the time and effort they pour into our lives. I am privileged to have been impacted by some of the greatest teachers in the world, starting with the greatest of them all, Jesus Christ and continuing to such great teachers my parents Dr. Gary and Rev. Mrs. Faye Whetstone, my late Father-in-Love, Archbishop Benson Idahosa and my Mother-in-Love Archbishop Margaret Idahosa. The dedication and commitment that all my teachers have put into my life over the years from kindergarten till this moment cannot be over-quantified. Teachers are responsible for more than the certification of the student, they also hold a key role in helping any student realize their potential and shape their mind for life. A lot of success stories today were written by teachers whose positive attitude and selflessness enabled their students find their path in life and attain success.
Think of it this way, teachers occupy the same space as sports coaches, it is their job to direct the student from a place of raw potential to a position of sharp focus on their life goal. This is never an easy job especially in formal education setting; as teachers have to perform the task of educating children with varying degrees of intellectual ability repeatedly over a period of time. Teachers recognize a student’s limitations and help him/her around these limitations so that their path to success is unimpeded.
As a parent, I can now appreciate the effort of teachers because I have some of the best in the world teaching my children at Nathan American Academy and I get to work side by side with great teachers at Benson Idahosa University on a daily basis. 

Watching the great teachers around me dedicate every day of their life to sharpening the intellect of their students is such a beautiful experience. The expertise of the teacher is what actually makes any institution of learning stand out. No parent wants to send their child to a school that is not renowned for academic excellence, to this end the best schools in the world are the schools with the best teachers.

There is a Nigerian saying that ‘a teacher’s reward is in heaven’ perhaps because it is almost impossible to properly appreciate a person who gives his/her life to creating value in the lives of other people’s children. We should take the time to appreciate all those who have taught us or currently teach us in one capacity or the other.
Malala Yousafaz says, “Let us remember: one book, one child, and one teacher can change the world”
Happy Teacher’s Day!